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Bugsy from The Backpack Boyz and 5points LA via The Cannon Co on 2/11/2020. No Testing info presented on the bag.

This bag is giving  to me but I have seen an 8th go for $40-50 out the door at Seshes.

Bugsy  is on my watchlist for quite some time now so I  see it in my sample pack.

These extremely dense nugs are a gorgeous mix of fluorescent lime greens with deep rich purples that highlight. The contours of the bud similar to the way trim color can accent the architecture of a building.

Creamy burnt orange pistils coupled with an impressive coating of yellowish white triches. Stacked on each other in every available crevice like snow drifts against abandoned buildings in the dead of winter.Give the bud as a whole an inviting fuzzy glow.

The nose out of the bag is a sugar sweet cream with a subtle mint and just a touch of fruit.Buy backpackboyz online

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Busting open the bud the minty amps up slightly to match the sweet cream and reveals a mustiness in the background.

Breaking it down by hand the scent of mint becomes overwhelming while that sugar sweet cream fights . To be noticed in the background but the mint absolutely dominates the arena. When dry pulling the J there’s a delicious sweet mint that lingers on the lips. With a floral quality that fills out the background with a wisp of fruit. The inhale is smooth and on the joint I pick  up on a minty hash quality. While the bong which offers more of an earthy floral taste, with a hint of mint in the background.

The exhale off the joint and the bong both served up a sweet minty cream with a fairly long lasting mentholated aftertaste. Cross checking. Buy backpackboyz online


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