Billy Kimber


The scent and taste of Billy Kimber is to be sweet and herbal with a touch of what some have called limeade. The citrus aspect is sweet but faint, found when inhaling its aroma deeply.

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To begin with,

Billy Kimber, the OG Kush phenotype and not the fictional character that was a gangster on Peaky Blinders. Is an Indica-leaning hybrid.It is owned by reviewers for heavy body effects. Buy billy kimber og online

Some who have tried it shared that a wave of hefty relaxation caused them to sink into their seat. Chronic pain subsided, and they experienced an emerging euphoria that allowed their racing thoughts to rest.

Some reported feeling a light and pleasant tingling sensation spread into their limbs while others said they became couch-locked or sleepy. Buy online

Billy Kimber’s THC levels average around the high 20 percentile mark and at times can be higher than 30%.

Reviewers have said that it’s best to take it slow with this strain as the average serving size they’d used for other strains was usually a bit too for this one.

Cured nuggets of this strain are a bright neon green in color with yellow hues and amber pistils.  buy today and get your home delivery


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