Strawberry Blondie


The Strawberry Blondie strain comes from a cross of parent strains Strawberry Banana x Banana OG resulting in an Indica-dominant strain with effect that are deeply relaxing and will leave users in a sleepy euphoric haze. Experience the unique flavor profile of LAK Strawberry Blondie L6 Cartridge as it expresses the complex flavor profile of the original strain with notes of diesel and sweet strawberry

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To begin with,Don’t you wish they all could be California girls? Homegrown under the sun in none other than Southern California.Buy Strawberry Blondie Online

This bubbly strain by Los Angeles Kush is as seductively sweet and Californian as cut-off shorts and bikini tops. Strawberry Blondie is an indica-dominant hybrid made by crossing two fruity favorites.Strawberry Banana and Banana OG, to give you a smoothie-like strain. Sure to make you feel as if you’re floating in a blowup swan at the Chateau Marmont.

With THC levels fairly low at around 11% on average, this hybrid isn’t packing too much heat. It should be said, however, that even experienced users can get exceptionally high if they overindulge. Too much of this good thing might leave you with a dry mouth and heavy eyelids. The flavors of this strain are intense in banana, strawberry, and of course rich undertones of earthiness. Her floral aromas and sweet berry overtones make this one easy to get along with in any crowd. WEith buds that are small and draped in crystal trichomes, giving its lush green tones and orange hairs a little pop of glitter.


Buy Strawberry Blondie Online

If you’ve been looking for your next addiction you might have just found it. Strawberry Blondie isn’t just a joyride through flavortown. Before you know it. You’ll be floating on a euphoric cloud of sun-ripened berries and sweeping creativity that takes you from a state of mindfulness to full-on artist mode. This phase is the longest lasting, but it does have a somewhat sleepy come down. So be sure to use in moderation to keep the juices flowing.

Cases of mild to moderate pain can benefit from Strawberry Blondie as it has sedative properties that tend increase with dosage. If you are not prone to paranoia, kick up your use a few notches and revel in that sweet relief. Fatigue and depression are really no match for this strain either as it is widely known to soothe the mind while still invigorating the body. This is an easy bud that new or novice users love for its smokability, however, if you find yourself unable to smoke but still want to try her. Strawberry Blondie lends itself wonderfully to candy and baking butter.


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