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To  begin with,

Milky Way is an indica  dominant hybrid that’s perfectly  suited to zoning out and gazing up at the stars

The bud has a surprisingly light and airy flavor profile and offers mostly relaxing, full-bodied effects. More of a luxurious evening smoke than a buzzy daytime treat, Milky Way’s potency has been measured at between 14% and wax online

Milky Way is marked by small to medium-sized flowers that have a slightly tapered appearance, like mini cypress trees.

These dense and chunky buds adhere in the solid structure that one would expect of a predominantly indica strain.

The tightly-curled leaves are a vibrant lime green and are shot through with hairy yellow and orange wax online

Finally, cloudy whitish trichomes coat the bud’s inner and outer nooks, giving these flowers a slightly dusty, glittering appearance, not unlike the milky way galaxy itself.

When properly cured, Milky Way has a decidedly earthy aroma, with notes reminiscent of soil and dried leaves.

Some sweet and fruity accents mix with these dank scents and give the flowers a slightly fermented odor.

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Meanwhile, grinding up the tight buds gives off herbal and floral hints, evidence of Thai in the lineage of parent strain Northern Lights. When combusted, Milky Way burns with a smooth and pleasant smoke that tastes both earthy and floral on the exhale. Toke on this strain in a clean pipe or a joint to fully appreciate its subtle flavors.

In addiction, milky way is a creeper of a strain and may take as many as 15 minutes after smokers have exhaled before making its effects fully felt. Initial symptoms may manifest as a tingle or a pressure around the eyes and temples.


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